Instant Cameras and Film

The instant camera was invented in 1947, and a year later the first ‘Polaroid Land Camera’ went on sale. It captivated the world with it’s ability to make a fully finished photograph in under a minute, at a time when amatures had to wait weeks for their photos to come back from a photofinisher.

But Polaroid, along with it’s inventor, Doctor Edwin Land, did not stop there. In 1972, integral instant film and cameras were released, which developed in front of your eyes, without waste, unlike earlier, ‘peel apart’ films. That, and leading the way in computerised shutters in the 1960’s, and autofocus in the 1970’s, meant Polaroid became a household name. However, a string of bankruptcies in the 21st century meant that Polaroid, and with it Instant film, looked set to collapse. Thanks to the efforts of a wide range of companies, and the new owners of the Polaroid name, Instant film looks set to carry on into the future.

Instant film can be used for...

Court Room Photography
It is the only still image in many court systems that gives absolute proof, thanks to it’s inability to be digitally altered.

Art Photography
Art photographers can make ‘special effects’ by swirling the partially developed image on certain film types.

Just Having Fun
No other camera can give so much enjoyment. Once you see a photo developing in front of your eyes, you will see what I mean!

For more information on Instant film sizes, and their availability, see our frequently asked questions page. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Instant cameras we are listing.

Fun, Fast and Convenient, why not give Instant photography a go?


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