Collectible Cameras

Camera collecting is a fascinating hobby, I have been collecting myself for seven years! There are so many different types of camera to collect such as...

Plate Cameras

The oldest style of camera, plate cameras mostly used single exposure glass plates coated with photographic chemicals. Used from Victorian times until the present day for professional work, plate cameras fell out of favour with amateur photographers during the 1920’s, and never recovered. Relatively un-common to find today.



Folding Cameras

These compact cameras suited all tastes and budgets and were popular from the earliest days of the travelling photographer (1850’s) right up until the 1960’s. They came in a wide range of formats and sizes from simple ‘snapshot’ cameras, to advanced models costing ten times as much! Some models by companies like Kodak and Agfa are easy to find. Others by manufactures like Zeiss Ikon and Voighlander are not so plentiful.



Box Cameras

These multi-exposure (more than one photograph per film) cameras were the beginner’s faithful means of taking a photo from the late 1880’s until the early 1960’s. They are an affordable way to build a collection, as most models are simple and plentiful, and are often found in good condition. Older, ‘Art Deco’ style box cameras are some of the most desirable models, as are ones that have period branding. (Mickey Mouse, Boy Scouts)


Cartridge Cameras

Often known as ‘Instamatic’ cameras. They took over from where the ‘Box Brownie’ left off in the 1960’s, and remained popular until the late 1980’s. Lots of old ‘retro’ styles to look out for, the earlier, 1960’s generation cameras are the most well made, with later models tending to be constructed of cheap plastic. An easy, inexpensive way to build a collection, it seems that everyone had one 40 years ago! Film is no longer available for these cameras, so they are of collectible value only (with the exception of 110 cameras, whose film is still made).


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