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It seems that photography today is a frenzy of digital images, taken from an array of cameras and cell phones, most to be viewed the next day, shrugged at, and deleted.

But it wasn’t always like that.

Not so long ago, a photograph was an important memory to be treasured and kept in an album, not a USB stick. The same importance was also given to the cameras that took them.

However, old photography is making a comeback. Apps for smartphones and photo-editing software are trying to make the ‘old camera look’, with varying degrees of success. But we believe that there is nothing like the real thing: A real photograph taken with a real old camera.

For those who have always used automatic ‘point and shoots’, many of the cameras we sell are just as simple to operate, but can still make photography more enjoyable than you can imagine. For those used to more control, I will be dusting off the old classics, cameras that made a name for themselves with the highest quality photographs of all time. I will also be looking for the unusual, quirky cameras for some pure, simple fun.

I will also be listing instant cameras. The whirring of the motor, the magic of seeing your film ejecting from the camera and developing in front of your eyes, remains un-matched by any other camera today for the sheer enjoyment of taking pictures. It is convenient too, as in under a minute you get a photograph in your hand, not on a screen.

All the cameras will be checked by me to ensure that they are working, or any faults will be listed. Check UP-COMING AUCTIONS to see our current listings, or simply view our trademe listings under “Retro Cameras”.

Retro Cameras Limited is based in sunny Napier, the Art Deco capital of the world! What better place to collect classic cameras? I have been based in Napier since 2011 and love getting involved with the local community- so watch this space for upcoming events!

I have been collecting cameras for ten years, and have seen cameras of all shapes and film sizes! I would like to share my knowledge and have formed ‘Retro Cameras Limited’ to sell some ‘double up’ cameras I have collected. I especially hope to see more people take up using the older cameras, and realise the magnificent images they create!! Feel free to e-mail me any questions about old cameras in general, I am happy to help identify that old camera found in the attic!

So dust off those photography skills and get back into making pictures the old fashioned way. Or, if you haven’t yet started, the fun is about to begin...
Jake Brookie

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